8 weeks to change your life!

Matthew Bockting
5 min readMar 4, 2021

London Real Academy has changed my life in ways I thought impossible.

For years I have searched for teachers and mentors to help me climb up out of the hole that was designed for me by the environment I was reared in. Deeply ingrained addictions and a self loathing mentality can derail any momentum generated from an outside source in mere moments. Always, I would get hyped up and convinced that my life was about to change for good with each new school of thought I would find on my journey of self discovery. Always, I would crash and burn. My last crash and burn 5 years ago left me deep in the bottom of a whiskey bottle.

I found about Brian Rose when I was indulging in my David Goggins obsession. Mr. Rose was as enveloped in the story of Goggins on their interview as much asI was in my mind. I began watching London Real (Mr. Rose’s media channel) as a consequence.

When 2020 lockdowns hit and I found myself working from home, I decided some self development was in order. I joined toastmasters and signed up for the life accelerator program with London Real. To my dismay, the life accelerator was pushed back to an unspecified date. I was further dismayed when my text and emails stopped being responded to. I wondered if I had been hustled. I decided to trust in Mr. Rose and not dwell in that frustration, I truly believe he is a man who fights for the betterment of humanity based on what I see of him on his show. Anyway, I had toastmasters and a health coach that came along with a naturopathy program I was involved in to keep me occupied.

Please forgive the length of this review, but some background is necessary to explain the impact that was on the horizon for me.

In mid 2020 I pinched a nerve in my lower back and it completely seized on me, derailing much of the progress I had made previously. It would take me 30–45 min just to get in or out of a chair or bed for the first few weeks, and that was with help. I was on a walker for a while, then a cane. I rehabbed myself in my swimming pool, that was the only way I could get the back to loosen up to begin to develop any real range of motion. I was wired to an electric muscle stimulator all day just to help the lower back not lock up with every move I made. I gained 50 lbs and developed bad eating habits and a twitter addiction. In my mind, at 36 years of age, I was going to be limited to a life of only partial mobility.

Flash forward to 2021 and the beginning of the life accelerator course, I was an insecure and unmotivated mess. Woke up sometime between 7:30 and 9:00 AM, often wouldn’t begin my work day until noon unless I had something time sensitive and often I would have to work in my home office until 8 or 9 at night just to keep up to date on my paperwork. The first real challenge was the low media diet of only 1 hour of media per day with a cheat day of Sunday. Politics were on fire at that point and I was hooked on hours of you tube videos every day, I would even have the news on in the background as I worked. Day 3 was miserable, I did not want to be alone with my thoughts. By day 4 I began to regain clarity and realized I had been giving away my attention to inferior habits. All of a sudden I could think clearly again.

The course is broken down into 8 modules, each with a set of new habits to implement and the brilliant accountability document to generate a sense of momentum in your mind as you check off the boxes. Week 2, I learned to create realistic and functional task management and a GTD system that actually worked. Week 3 I got my eating philosophy under control with a system that is highly effective but flexible enough to be workable for anyone. By week 4, I attempted a headstand! Yes, a headstand! The guy who was convinced 4 weeks earlier that he would live an immobile life attempted, and almost accomplished, a head stand. More than that, I developed a love for movement that has been MASSIVELY transformative thanks to the philosophy of planning your day around movement, rather than the opposite approach. I don’t want to give much more away about the content of the modules than that.

On top of all that, and much more contained in the modules, I connected with amazing people from all across the globe. We came up with creative ways to help each other remain accountable. Some of us developed relationships that I’m certain will last far beyond the confines of the 8 week course. Some of us are already making future plans to challenge each other.

One word of warning, this is not a place to find yourself If you want some pretty words to make you feel comfortable not taking proper action. No one will hold your hand while you cross the street, so to speak. They will, however, provide every opportunity for you if you want to put in the work to create your life into a well functioning one with great habits. The admins are extremely helpful and do the course right along with you, struggle with you and throw away their junk food with you.

Brian Rose has created a TRULY AMAZING course for those who are sick of living with bad habits. If you show up, and do the work, you will change. Before I began the course I lived a life of limitation, now, I live a life of transcending limitation. That is my change in mindset, and most importantly: MY ACTIONS, after only 8 weeks.

I have momentum and direction now, and I will never go back to the way I was just 2 short months ago. I am beyond thankful to the LRA academy, the amazing admins and dedicated students for helping me to become the person I was always too scared and lazy to be.