The London Real Experience

Matthew Bockting
3 min readJun 2, 2021

The first time anyone wanted me to succeed.

I have been searching for truth since I was in my early 20’s, I have found many little nuggets of wisdom along my path. Up until this year, I thought I had a decent grip on how to navigate life, then Brian Rose got ahold of me.

2020 was a bitch, in the middle of an orange theory workout, my lower back seized and locked up leaving me dependent on my wife for everything and on a walker to get around. I was only 36. All momentum I had built up came to a screeching halt. I signed up for the Life Accelerator course at London Real before the back injury, but it was postponed until January 2021.

By the time it began I wasn’t even excited about it before, all my gusto was diminished. That all changed after the first keynote call with Brian Rose. Suddenly, I find myself in the world of the accountability doc being asked to challenge myself in ways I had only dreamt of before and the fever set in to keep all of my tasks checked off on that doc and stay ahead of the class.

I had always been an underachiever, I wanted to do better for myself but self-sabotaging behavior would spoil any attempt to get my act together.

After the Life Accelerator remade me in the image of Brian and his guests, I jumped into the Business Accelerator. I wasn’t looking to create a “start-up,” but I trusted the LRA process so much after the life accelerator that I decided to dive in and see if they could provide some new tools for my old, struggling family business.

At this point, I must say:

There is nothing that can prepare a person for what they will have to face in this course. It is hard! Damn hard!

Some will say that MailChimp week was the hardest, some will say it was webinar week. None of that is the truth, in my opinion. Though I have worked harder in the last 8 weeks than ever before, and the workload is abundant, the hardest thing is facing my fear and being accountable. Having to take a vision in my mind and build a workable structure around it in 8 weeks made me aware that I have been an underachiever most of my life for 1 reason, FEAR!

One of the best moments for me was watching Brian promote his new DeFi accelerator and seeing how he uses these tools he is teaching us, in real-time. If you want proof of the value you will get, look no further than the success of London Real. He teaches EVERYTHING he learned along the path of building it.

Since January my life has been completely transformed for the better and an entirely new world of possibilities has opened up for me. Not only that, but an entirely new social circle of people who care about humanity and personal development has opened up as well. I am forever grateful to Brian Rose, Christina, Martini, Kia, Rustam, Mauricio, Cathy, and all of the amazing students of the London Real Academy for providing a space that actually wanted me to succeed, that is something foreign to me until now.

They want you to succeed as well, hopefully, you will give them a chance to show you that as they did for me.